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Lengua de pájaro de Tirajana

Scientific name: ‘Globularia sarcophylla’                         

Common name: Lengua de pájaro de Tirajana

Family: ‘Globulariaceae’ 

Genus: Globularia

Endemic to: Valle de Tirajana, Gran Canaria

Other location: Viera & Clavijo Botanical Gardens

Description: Plant species considered in danger of extinction in the National Catalogue of Species under Threat and in need of a recovery plan. Endemic to Gran Canaria, this is a dwarf trailing plant which occupies a small area of the cliffs in the region of the Valle de Tirajana at an altitude of between 1500 and 1700 metres within the Las Cumbres Protected Area. It is a very rare species that is found in a very restricted rocky area with other local endemic species. Its blue flowers give it a high ornamental potential and it is considered as a jewel of the Canaries flora by David Bramwell in his pocket guidebook ‘Flora of the Canary Islands’. The plant flowers between June and September later fruiting from September to October.  It reproduces through seed production, and the main enemy to its survival is man, above all, the hunters who transit the rocky region. It can be found in Viera & Clavijo Botanical Gardens.