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Lengua de pájaro de Guayedra

Scientific name: ‘Globularia ascanii’                               

Common name: Lengua de pájaro de Guayedra

Family: ‘Globulariaceae’ 

Genus: Globularia

Endemic to: Guayedra, Gran Canaria

Description: Plant species considered in danger of extinction by the National Catalogue of Species under Threat. It is a small shrub with thin woody stems, straight for up to 80 cm then densely branched with pale blue flowers. There are a few scarce populations on the cliffs at Guayedra in northwest Gran Canaria between 950 and 1,000 metres, within the Tamabada Natural Park. Exclusively endemic to Gran Canaria it reproduces by shoots and cuttings. It has a high ornamental value for rockeries.