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"Atractylis arbuscula"

Scientific name: ‘Atractylis arbuscula’

Family: ‘Compositae’

Genus: ‘Atractylis’

Endemic to: Basalt cliffs of Gran Canaria

Other locations: Lanzarote

Description: Plant species considered in danger of extinction in the National Catalogue of Species under Threat and in need of a recovery plan. It is one of the endemic features of the Islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. In Lanzarote, three population centres have been found  and one has also been located on Gran Canaria with between 11 and 500 specimens per population. In Lanzarote, the populations are to be found on the gentle slopes with rocky gullies at the foot of the Famara cliffs. In Gran Canaria, it grows on the steep basaltic cliffs and shares the habitat with tabaibas. The lack of soil stability in the regions where it develops, along with its accessibility and the low number of plants constitute the major threats to this species.