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Pozo Izquierdo is the windy capital

A few years ago it would have been hard even to find your way there. Maybe by asking the local fishermen, maybe by taking the car along winding roads through the agricultural greenhouses, you might have come across it... Just a few people knew of this little place in the southeast of Gran Canaria called Pozo Izquierdo.

It then just happened that a few scruffy individuals started turning up, looking like they had never worn a tie in their lives. People who travelled all over the world in search of gusts of wind.

Today, many years later, Pozo Izquierdo is one of the great windsurf capitals of the world. Year after year, 27 now to be exact, Gran Canaria welcomes the PWA World Tour into town. The World Windsurf Championship in Gran Canaria is one of the great events on the professional circuit calendar.

There are several reasons for its success. Firstly, it must be said that Pozo is home to the best in the business. The wind in this area of the island has honed a number of outstanding local talents. But an even wider number of the circuit’s best surfers, from other countries and continents, come here to train, all of them establishing ties with the beach at Pozo, to a greater or lesser extent.

Yet what does Pozo Izquierdo have exactly that draws them in like a magnet? Well that’s simple, it’s got the wind, it’s got the sun, and all the right wind and wave conditions. You don’t need to be a professional to navigate the waves around there, although you do have to be particularly good to handle yourself on blustery, gusty days.

Pozo Izquierdo is a bay made up of pebbles and black sand. It is not far from the main tourist areas in Gran Canaria, just twenty minutes by car. However, it is a world apart, made to measure for windsurf enthusiasts. Off the beaten track for all those coming to the golden sandy beaches looking for fine weather.

Pozo, on the other hand, remains hidden away. It comes into view as you go along a local road, in between greenhouses. For those who are mad about wind, this place fits the bill.  They love the little town of Pozo, where life goes on at a gentle pace, as they can provide the speed...

Don’t miss out on the fun of the surfing world at the PWA World Cup 2015 week. Come to Pozo Izquierdo and savour the great atmosphere surrounding the championship.

World Windsurf Championship
Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria
Date: 11-19 July 2015
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