Bem-Vindo a Gran Canaria: Pan Optikum

Pan. Optikum

"Il Corso"

The group by the name of Pan. Optikum founded in Berlin, continues on the lines of the first artists to associate plastic arts and dance in search of new types of theatre. Soon they were joined by not only musicians but also artists and acrobats from the `Le coq’ circus school in Paris. Their first performances all consisted of just movement. From then on there began a steady development towards a work of art that not only juxtaposes spectacle, music, dancing, drama and acrobatics equally but also enables these different forms of expression to lend mutual inspiration to each other. The wonderful poetic images and ideas of fantasy have become the trademark of Pan. Optikum.

Ever in contact with the world and its development in order to mirror it and draw inspiration from it with sensuality, their work “Il Corso” takes place in the open air. Twenty actors, artists and musicians play out an artistic display of fireworks in exciting scenes linked to acts among the audience in different places and culminating in a sudden and explosive ending. It is a production based on Pablo Neruda’s Libro de Preguntas, in which he tells the story of a man in search of fulfilment and happiness and which has been performed on over 50 occasions in 2002 and 2003. The work has been translated into several languages and is considered one of the most successful productions of its kind in Europe.


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