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Getting around the island

Have you just arrived at Gran Canaria? Are you at the airport and would you like to get about on public transport? If you have just got to the island and you need to get to your accommodation, you can get there either by public transport or by car hire. We make it easy for you!
Check out the transport options from Gran Canaria Airport


Buses (Guaguas)

If you decide to travel around Gran Canaria on public transport, you can catch the buses supplied by the company Global, which operate all over the island. In the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you can catch the local buses. Also, again in the capital, you can take a tour in the tourist bus.

Buses from Gran Canaria Airport:

Lines from the Airport [consult pamphlet]

Bus number 60: Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Bus number 91: Playa del Cura - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Bus number 66: Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria - Faro de Maspalomas
Bus number 90: Telde - Faro de Maspalomas

Routes and trips around the island:


To get around the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:
Tourist bus:    Guaguas municipales:

The GuaguaBus company offers free applications with bus timetables to download for both Android and iPhone/iPad 



Official Taxi Service from Gran Canaria Airport

(+34) 928 154 777
The company offers these services by reservation: Wheelchair adapted taxis and taxis for the disabled, vehicles available for up to seven people, car seats for babies, and payment by credit card. 

Radio Taxi San Juan (Telde)
(+34) 928 683 713 

In the interest of passengers:
The official taxi services of the island of Gran Canaria are always equipped with a taximeter that shows the amount during the journey. The prices shown are per taxi and per route, using official prices that are approved by the Government of the Canary Islands. The Gran Canaria Tourist Board accepts no responsibility for any changes or modifications to them.


Car hire

If you are the kind of person who likes to travel around independently so that you can follow the routes that you fancy and stop whenever you see something you like, you can rent a car. 

Cars available for hire

AutoReisen 0034 922 260200 +info
Autos Canarias 0034 928 220 247 +info
Autos Domínguez 0034 928 860 769 +info
Autos Drago 0034 902 153 080 +info
Autos Guanche 0034 928 368 877 +info
Autos Leila 0034 928 244 442 +info
Autos Medquin 0034 928 770 330 +info
Autos Moreno 0034 928 268 314 +info
Autos Olimpo 0034 928 768 495 +info
Autos Omega 0034 928 227 734 +info
Autos Santa Fe 0034 928 763 707 +info
Autos Tirma 0034 928 261 006 +info
Autos Torino 0034 928 276 258 +info
Autos Vélez 0034 928 277 130 +info
Avis 0034 928 579 578 +info
Cicar 0034 928 822 900 +info
Europcar/Betacar 0034 928 574 244 +info
Hertz 0034 928 579 577 +info
Isla Car 0034 928 141 012 +info
Mency Car 0034 928 561 619 +info
Nanicar 0034 928 761 130 +info
Record 0034 902 123 002 +info
Top Car Auto Reisen 0034 902 200 696 +info