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Canary Islands Convention Centre - Alfredo Kraus Auditorium

Being able to gaze out over the Atlantic Ocean while participating in a scientific, cultural or social event is one of the privileges that can only be enjoyed by those who decide to use the Canary Islands Convention Centre as the venue for their special events.

The Catalonian architect, Óscar Tusquets, made the most of the spectacular views of the beach of Las Canteras, and the city  itself, when he designed this conference centre, breaking away from the uniform trends that predominate in the design of facilities such as these, but without losing sight of the early as well as contemporary architectural styles of the city.

Taking a tour through the centre’s rooms, auditoriums, corridors, staircases, terraces and foyer is like undertaking a symbolic journey beneath the waves of the sea.

This unique architectural creation of Tusquets is accompanied by another, no less original, creation by Juan Bordes, the sculptor from Gran Canaria, who created masterful representations of all the marine fauna of the beach of Las Canteras on the four facades of the building and in its interior.

Address: Playa de Las Canteras, s/n. 35010, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Tel: (+34) 928 491 770 / Fax: (+34) 928 491 853


Points of interest: Located right next to the sea with superb views of the beach of Las Canteras and the capital itself.


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