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Cresta de gallo de Moya

Scientific name: ‘Isoplexis chalcantha’

Common name: Cresta de gallo de Moya

Genus: ‘Scrophulariaceae’  

Genus: ‘Isoplexis

Endemic to: Gulleys and ravines of the Doramas Natural Park, Gran Canaria

Description: Plant species considered in danger of extinction in the National Catalogue of Species under Threat and in need of a recovery plan. Specifically endemic to Gran Canaria, it is found in association with the laurel forest debris in the mountainous and most damp and shady parts of the island where it is rare and very scarcely distributed. It lives between 400 and 800 metres on the north face of the island in the areas of Tilos de Moya, Barranco Oscuro, Barranco de Azuaje and Barranco de La Virgen; at all times within the perimeter of the Doramas Natural Park. It can reach heights of up to 80 cm. With long wavy leaves of up to 10 cm and visible terminal flowers of either a reddish or copper colour.  It flowers between April and June, producing a great quantity of seeds, although these germinate with great difficulty. It is a species with great scientific and medicinal importance.