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Magarza del Andén

Scientific name: ‘Argyranthemum lidii’

Common name: Magarza del Andén

Family: ‘Asteraceae’

Genus: ‘Argyranthemum’

Endemic to: Tamadaba National Park - Gran Canaria

Description: Plant species considered in danger of extinction in the National Catalogue of Species under Threat and, as such it is in need of a recovery plan. It is only to be found in Gran Canaria, along the length of highway between Agaete and San Nicolas de Tolentino, in the Anden Verde region, and also the region of Montaña de Amargo, both of these zones are within the Tamabada National Park. It is a perennial plant that lives in rocky regions formed by Miocene basalts, oriented towards the sea at an altitude of between 200 and 700 metres. With its radial white petals and yellow corolla that appear between March and April, it can reproduce by seeds or from cuttings. The clearing of verges and drainage ditches along the Anden Verde highway, and livestock roaming for pasture are its principal enemies.