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"Tanacetum oshanahanii"

Scientific name: ‘Tanacetum oshanahanii’                      

Family: ‘Asteraceae’      

Genus: ‘Tanacetum’

Endemic to: Riscos de Guayedra, Gran Canaria

Description: Species considered in danger of extinction in the National Catalogue of Species under Threat and in need of a recovery plan. It is a shrub of between 50 and 100cm that flowers between March and April producing fruit in June. It reproduces from seeds and shoots or cuttings although its culture is not easy. It is a plant with potential ornamental and phytochemical value. Exclusively endemic to Gran Canaria, it lives only in the northwest of the island in Riscos de Guayedra, at between 550 and 600 metres in the Tamabada Natural Park. Specifically, it can be found in the rocky cliffs in front a trachite formation 40-50 metres thick, highly fractured and surrounded from above and below by detritus material. The location corresponds to a thermo-sclerophile barrier and the edge of the laurel forests. It has to be said that there are only 15 adult specimens remaining, measuring a metre in height, and the community is under dire threat from goats.