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Top windsurfers to hit the shores at Pozo Izquierdo

This coming 11th July is the start of the grand spectacle of the World Championship at Pozo Izquierdo. The PWA circuit’s top sportsmen are flying back to the beach here at the southeast of Gran Canaria, one of the Windsurf capitals of the world.

Yet the PWA World Cup 2015 at Pozo Izquierdo is much more than just a sporting event. Just come over to the beach at Pozo between 11th and 19th of July. It’s well worth coming along as a spectator, as all sailing is done right next to the shore. For this reason the PWA Tour qualifiers are a real treat, with the windsurfers going along at top speeds, acrobatically skipping over the waves, right in front of cheering spectators sitting in the stands.

The spectacle also spills over from the water’s edge. There are concerts, training for youngsters, music, activities for all the family, ... All these and much more come together under the large marquee which is set up during the week of the Windsurf World Championship. A whole week of events that transform the little town of Pozo Izquierdo into the most fun-packed place to be on Gran Canaria. Be sure not to miss it!

World Windsurf Championship
Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria
Date: 11-19 July 2015
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