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Scuba - diving

Comfort before and after

Municipality Gáldar
Location Sardina beach and harbour
Access Shore dive
Average Depth 12 m
Maximum Depth 18 m
Difficulty Low
Currents Sheltered
Estimated time 50 min

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One of the most frequently visited dive sites can be found in the Sardina area of Galdar. It is a huge bay sheltered from the ocean’s relentless onslaught and the force of the wind, ideal for an initiation to diving, for lovers of submarine photography and for night dives. A swimming tour that starts on the small sandy beach out to the last dock which allows divers to ready themselves comfortably. Access and egress to the water is incredibly easy from a ladder on one of the harbour walls.


Sea horses, amberjacks, angel sharks, sting rays, butterfly rays, grunts, horse mackerel, bream, sand eels, giant jewel anemones and an almost endless etc are the almost daily local visitors and inhabitants of the Sardina dive. Searching amongst the reef-face for species such as sponge fish becomes a fun game. And the ever alert barracuda and bogues often offer a spectacle worth watching.

When it’s time to go home, there is nothing better after a dip in the sea than to recharge your batteries in one of the seafront restaurants.