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The Island

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An island with 557 different faces

Sardina del Norte
District of San Francisco
Gardens of La Marquesa
Gáldar Coastline
Fishing district of San Cristóbal
Los Pérez Reservoir
El Sequero

Gran Canaria is an island with many different faces.
A sea island, but also a mountainous island.
An island with a hundred bustling beaches, packed with smiling faces.
But also with many secluded coves.
An island on which to make friends, to rest, or to get away from the noise and just lose yourself.

That’s right, to lose yourself.
Gran Canaria fills thousands of travel agencies’ shop windows, and is a Robinson Crusoe destination, for those looking to get away and not be spotted… at least for a few days.

If you are one of them, just click on the places you would like to see, then set off on your journey to discover a thousand faces.

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