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Why change when you’ve got exactly what you want?

Why does Gran Canaria remain, generation after generation, the favourite destination for many families? It’s no coincidence that tourists from all over Europe choose this island every year for their holidays. This destination has everything families need for a great time with their kids.

A girl plays on the shore with her parents

The island of Gran Canaria has a vast number of beaches and all types ranging from the vast expanse of dunes at Maspalomas to the numerous small coves which line the Mogán coast. This includes the lively beach at Las Canteras and the very smallest beaches tucked away in the north of the island.

It also has plenty of sun and a gentle climate all year round, with pleasant temperatures all twelve months of the year. This gives warm winters and summers without excessive heat.

A family plays on the shore

You can find a whole world of holidays for your family here, with a world of leisure open all year round. You’ll always find something fun to do on this Miniature Continent. Your kids won’t have time to get bored in a destination which has all the guarantees of any European capital city.

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