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The Roque Bentayga Visitors Centre

The Roque Bentayga Visitors Centre

A gateway to the magical centre of Gran Canaria

Three rocks sit on a spot with a magical aura around it, up at the mountain peaks on the island. Together they represent the perfect union between the natural landscape and the cultural landscape of the Bentayga, right on the spiritual axis of Gran Canaria’s aboriginal world.

Three pillars on a landscape, made to measure to look up at the sky, from the mountain tops. They are also a little key to open the doors to the island’s past, to a time where an ancient society lived, shrouded in over 300 layers of mystery.

To open all these doors, visitors can now count on the help of the new Visitors Centre, which the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Island Government has restored, at the foot of the Roque Bentayga.

A new museographical exhibition uncovers the most important culture and rites of prehispanic times, right next to this unique spot, which still guards the sites for worship, burial and cave art of the island’s first inhabitants.

If we make our way up there, and walk along as far as the base of the Roque Bentayga, we can submerge ourselves in the ancient way of life of the aboriginal islanders. With rigorous information, accessible through the latest technology, we have a modern means of explaining the symbolism of this group of stones high up on Gran Canaria, revealing everything that it represents for the culture, ethnography and the very nature of the island.

After our visit to the Bentayga Visitors Centre, we can carry on to the Almogarén, a place for divine worship in the aboriginal era, situated on a protrusion at the eastern side of the rock.

And as a great backdrop, we have a natural heritage which allows us to delve into new ways of taking in the surrounding area, right here in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria. Next to this is the ultimate expression of the landscape, left by all those generations who have breathed life into an enclave encapsulated within a kind of magical halo.

The archaeology, ethnography, and cultural landscape of the Sierra del Bentayga all come together compelling us to learn more about the 3 Rocks. This is the point where the clouds come to a halt, where the union rites with the Bentayga are initiated, and right where the rain and the sun are given their calling. 

How to get there?
Discover how to get from the Faro de Maspalomas to the Roque Bentayga
If you would like to get to the Roque Bentayga from the Capital, find out how to get there here
Address: Municipality of Tejeda (route through the centre of the island) - Finca el Majadal 

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday from 10:00h. till 17:00h.



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