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Concentrated nature

Nature lives intensely in Gran Canaria

It’s hard to tell. How can I explain that a full planet fits inside an island of less than 50 km in diameter? But it’s all true. Gran Canaria houses a miniature world with two hemispheres, two opposite faces. One full of beaches, and another, less known, filled with mountains and intricate ravines running from the top of the island down to the sea.

Roque Nublo under the big blue sky
House hidden amidst blossoming almond trees

Not far from the laughter than fills the beaches, an unleashed natural setting offers a breath of fresh air to enjoy a unique weather this part of the globe, with a microworld of changing scenery.

Imagine walking in your town while watching how the weather changes just by turning in a corner, time and time again. That is precisely what takes place on the island of Gran Canaria. As you leave the coast, the weather and scenery change dramatically, bearing no resemblance to what you left behind.

Bentayga seen against the light
View of the Bandama Caldera

Pine tree and laurel forests. Ravines that plunge into the sea. A lunar setting at the summit over a sea of clouds. Palm trees taking a stroll, and secluded corners that hide the rare Macaronesian flora. And a long and invigorating network of royal trails spreading through the mountains, amidst pine trees, ferns, dragon trees, echiums, and candle plants.

Trekkers going round a dam at the top of Gran Canaria

Walk. Walk and breathe. Within an island where 43% of its territory is a protected area. An island considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Walk close to the sea, within forests, or through minute rural settlements. Walk under the magic setting of cascades or next to runoff streams that finally meet the dams in the Grancanarian highlands.

Well, all this blend of ingredients cooked in the middle of the sea proves to be hard to convey. It’s quite a challenge to explain that Gran Canaria is indeed a miniature continent. Perhaps you would rather see for yourself.

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