A garden on top of the clouds

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Summer unleashes a celebration of life, colours and scents in the multiple paths of Gran Canaria which invite you to be active on holiday. Experiences you can feel under your feet are ones you’ll always remember.

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The child starts to walk down the path before their parents, but they soon catch up. Together they go through the pine forest until they reach a point where a sublime view opens up before their very eyes. Suddenly, they have realized they are far above the clouds. It seems a dream, but it’s not. It’s just another sign of the 'Gran Canaria effect'.

Roque Nublo
Gran Canaria landscape

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The walkers continue to move forward, surprised by the presence of abundant flora, visited by large dark bumblebees, examples of the native Canarian black bee, which soundtrack the landscape. Now, as summer extends its domain, it’s the perfect time to discover that there is a garden on top of the clouds stretching across the interior of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria landscape
Gran Canaria landscape

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Summer heat unleashes the scents of broom and aromatic plants. The island has put on their perfume to receive visitors. Now, the characters in our story have stopped their car on one of the corners of the GC-21, near the Montañón Negro, the road to Artenara, where every valley and every trail is an invitation to enter these gardens overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. But the options seem as endless as the perfect blue sky, anchored halfway between reality and fantasy.

Montañón Negro

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Active tourism takes on a new dimension in Gran Canaria. Just choose a route, an area, a difficulty level, a date and the company for the road. Don’t forget to pack appropriate footwear, hat, sun cream and plenty of water. The gate to this garden is always open.