Arinaga´s old jetty

The municipality of Agüimes has recently opened a new bathing site to the public in the old jetty located in Arinaga, popularly known as Muelle Viejo. This jetty was built at the end of the 19th century and is considered of great historical and ethnographic value.

The Muelle Viejo is half hidden at the foot of the mountain where the current lighthouse stands, in Punta de Arinaga. To the north, we find the El Cabrón beach, where divers plunge into the sea every day to explore the crystalline ocean, full of fish, starfish, seahorses, and large conch shells once used by the inhabitants of Gran Canaria.

Playa del Cabrón, Agüimes

This jetty is one of the oldest industrial structures which forms part of the heritage of Agüimes. History has it that in order to light the Arinaga lighthouse, ships used to approach the area around the small islet in front the lighthouse and the Muelle Viejo. Oil and fuel cans were unloaded there to be transported on the back of donkeys to the fuel depot next to the lighthouse. It was also used to load the so-called “white gold”, that is, lime that were used to build and whitewash houses, ponds, etc.

Faro de Arinaga

Thanks to recent improvement works, a new pedestrian ramp has been built to access the beach, and the old jetty has been renovated and reinforced. The site has been adapted for bathing thanks to the new wooden and marine aluminium platforms that have been installed, fully respecting the landscape and the original structure.

Muelle Viejo, Arinaga
Muelle Viejo, Arinaga

In addition, the paths connecting the old jetty to the lighthouse have been rehabilitated, and several information panels have been installed to explain the natural and historical values of the area to visitors.

Muelle Viejo, Arinaga
Muelle Viejo, Arinaga

This new feature provides us with the perfect place to recharge our batteries after a refreshing swim, while we imagine the history behind this relic of the past.

Muelle Viejo, Arinaga

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Arinaga Beach, Agüimes
 “Muelle Viejo” (Old Jetty)
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