Gran Canaria: an island in the comfort of your own home

Gran Canaria is inviting you to spread your wings and use your imagination to discover an amazing, magical island that lets you dream about the future.

1. Take a look, your imagination will help you soar
Spread your wings and prepare to fly over Gran Canaria to discover an amazing variety of landscapes that all fit into a single island thanks to these incredible 360 degree images. It’s as easy as letting your eye roam and your imagination run wild, like a kite in the wind, because you really can travel without leaving home and fantasize about a time when you can make these dreams come true. Gran Canaria sets a great example.


2. The future is blue
The future is painted blue. The whisper of the waves tells you so. Gran Canaria cares for you and for itself, hugging an ocean that is patiently waiting, down in its very depths, like everyone who is yearning to plunge into its waters once again. The island’s beaches are waiting to see footprints on the sand again, people arriving from all over and places teeming with life all along its coastline with a whole host of water sports. Tomorrow is written in transparent letters on the seabed.

Las Canteras

3. The inland countryside is calling your name
The blue chaffinch is a small bird, native to Gran Canaria, that has learnt to survive and adapt. Now, more than ever, its flight seems to be symbolic. What’s more, it’s also an emblem of our multi-faceted inland countryside that might appear as an enchanted forest or emerge as a desert with all its naked beauty. Much of our land has also been declared a Biosphere Reserve. Shall we put on our walking boots and hike along its tracks?

Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo

4. These museums are opening just for you
Yes, the door is wide open. The six centres in the Gran Canaria Cabildo inland network reveal essential aspects of the Island’s History, Art, Literature and Archaeology. Today is a great day to take a virtual tour of Columbus House, the Pérez Galdós Museum-House, poet Tomás Morales Museum-House, painter Antonio Padrón Museum-House and Indian Art Centre, León y Castillo Museum-House and the Painted Cave Museum and Archaeological Park.

Casa de Colón

5. Discover a lost civilisation without leaving the comfort of your home
You can discover a lost civilisation without leaving the comfort of your home. Gran Canaria’s prehispanic culture is packed with facts and mysteries. The widespread archaeological sites and evidence on how the ancient aboriginal society connected with the stars to measure time, among other things, has granted its summit the honour of being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the form of the Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria Cultural Landscape.   

Rico Caído

6. A whole island on the menu
In Gran Canaria cheese is not just cheese. It’s a way of life. Some cheese starts out on the transhumance routes, long-forgotten paths crossing-crossing the world, still found here today. The surf and turf products speak volumes about the island and its people and provide inspiration for a large number of home-grown recipes, slow-cooked in the oven of time. Right now, the island has a strong aroma of longing.


7. A kingdom of sandcastles
Gran Canaria speaks the same language as children. The island is their kingdom of puddles, colourful fish, theme parks or countryside adventures, making a child’s empire that they can rule from atop a sandcastle. Gran Canaria will continue to provide everything you need for the very best family holidays. You’ll find the X on the treasure map somewhere on the island.

Puerto de Mogán

8. A place to release your body and mind
Gran Canaria is a land that seems to have emerged from the sea to care, cure, indulge and encourage rest and relaxation. Its range of specialised centres and services in this field remains an added perk for an island with ideal landscapes, climate and natural conditions to restore calm and release your mind from any physical or mental issues. You can see the horizon from the shore but in Gran Canaria, you set your own limits.


9. The Island is there for you, really to talk
Gran Canaria has a lot to tell. The island seems infinite. It always has something new to show you, reveal or rediscover with fresh eyes, particularly now, when we seem to be looking beyond what’s on the surface. The Gran Canaria Tourist Board’s official social media and website are the voice of the island. This is where the island can talk to you, share, interact and listen.

10. You’ll write the next chapter in this story
“There is another world and it is in this one”, wrote the poet Paul Éluard. This fits Gran Canaria perfectly, a fairy-tale island, a story that will continue with new tales, pages and chapters that will rely on their very own author: you. If you look out of the window, you might think what you’re seeing is a mirage. It’s not. It’s real. It’s Gran Canaria. Your imagination has landed on it, like seagulls on boats rocking out at sea at sunset.