Rock pools never age

harco de San Lorenzo (copy 8)

Gran Canaria’s coast is full of places between land and sea where time stops for families to discover the true magnitude of life surrounded by amazing coastal creatures.

as (copy 9)

The depth of a rock pool is relative. In any coastal pool that you can find on the island, there’s space to fits all the happiness in the world. Children are all too aware of this. The rock pools are the ocean’s crystal eyes and they hypnotize you and your kids into forgetting the passing hours.

Las Salinas, Agaete

oque (copy 10)

Your watch stops at the rock pool’s edge. It’s as if it imitates the burgaos, Gran Canaria’s tiny marine snails. However, even your youngest ones will soon realize that the burgaos actually do move. Slowly, with the patience of those who live next to the infinite Atlantic. Sometimes, when there’s a sandy sediment on the bottom of the pond, a winding trail emerges. Some call these the 'dance of the Burgao'.

Roque Prieto, Santa María de Guía

Dos (copy 11)

Each rock pool is a miniature theme park. Mum and Dad can be distracted by one of the volcanic rocks shaped by the sea whilst children continue to discover that Gran Canaria rock pools always offer much more than it seems at first glance.

Dos Roques, Gáldar

l Ca (copy 12)

Eyes of something which appears freshly awakened from a deep sleep look at you from the water. They are cabosos, a stocky fish common in the intertidal lagoons of Gran Canaria. They seem to observe everything, even hermit crabs that go from one side to another and seagulls flying overhead.

El Charco de San Lorenzo, Moya

(copy 13)

You count cabosos and throw stones into the sea. Maybe you’ve learned to select the flattest stones which will skim over the sea. The sun bades its farewell and starts to dye the surface of your pool with yellowish and reddish tones. Because the pools of Gran Canaria are also a canvas where the magical light of the island makes its mark. By the end of the day, you and your family will have discovered the true depth of a rock pool.