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Fotosub Mogán 2008

Fotosub Mogán 2008

Just for a few days, Mogán will bring to the surface a significant number of marine secrets hidden by the Gran Canaria sea bed.

Between 19th and 24th June, Mogán Port will heave with wetsuits, oxygen tanks, flippers and underwater cameras all ready to jump into the water. The world’s best underwater photographers can be found somewhere under all this equipment.  They come to the island every year to participate in a marine picture competition: Mogán Fotosub.

Whilst holidaymakers sunbathe peacefully on the beach, the complete gang of Fotosub underwater competitors, well enough equipped to compete with Captain Nemo himself, get ready to reveal thousands of secrets held by the sea around Gran Canaria. It could be a moray, a turtle or a 30 kg grouper, although maybe this morning they’ll come across an alfonsino, or a group of bream or angler fish. We can be almost certain that soon after leaving the Port with all their equipment they are bound to come across a school of fish that could win them the competition. In the south of the island, the schools of fish can be so compact that they can even cover entire wrecks.

And if you’re not into scouring the sea bed, that shouldn’t stop you visiting Mogán Port. It is one of the most highly recommended places in the south of Gran Canaria, a perfect stop for visitors looking for a picturesque and cosy spot. Because Mogán Port hides a small number of terraces, to stop and have a drink between the bougainvilleas, hibiscus and water canals that snake through the area.

And if you’re ready to try something new, don’t miss the Gran Canaria’s marine depths which are like the hidden face of the moon. Scuba diving in Gran Canaria is open to everyone from experienced divers, with their oxygen tanks, to first timers with masks, fins and snorkels. Gran Canaria has numerous scuba diving schools which will teach you in a short time about diving with oxygen, rent you the equipment you need or organise small group excursions.

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