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The door to the underwater world opens at the Port of Sardina

The door to the underwater world opens at the Port of Sardina

Sardina. Such is the name of one of the most charming sea enclaves in the entire archipelago.

Located on the Galdar coast, northeast of the island, this is a small port town with fresh fish restaurants overlooking the ocean, and one of the favourite spots of the islands’ submarinists.

For this reason, Sardina has been celebrating for some years now what is known as Underwater World Week, when different events are staged for submarinism enthusiasts, such as this year’s 4th. Submarine Photograph Open Contest.

This year’s competition will last two days, with a total of three submersions, two during the day and one at night. The organizers expect to welcome underwater photographers from all parts of the country. The first night submersion will take place on Thursday, May 1st., and the winners will be made known on Saturday, May 3rd, although all participants will be the actual victors on account of the event’s traditional atmosphere of good fellowship, not to mention the opportunity to spend hours diving at the bottom of a sea filled with life.

For Sardina’s sea floor is worth knowing. Sea horses, medregals, angelfish, stingrays, mantelinas, African striped grunts, flying gurnards, yellowtail amberjacks, striped seabreams, brown garden eels, sea anemones… the list is endless. All these species dwell in the small port town north of Gran Canaria. Furthermore, and always alert, golden carpet shells and breams make a great photograph for submarinists.

Sardina, a large bay protected from the waves and the wind, is the perfect spot to start getting hooked on submarinism, as well as to take underwater photographs and dive at night. Its small seaside promenade runs next to a small yellow-sand beach. A small pier quite close to the beach lets you prepare your gear in comfort and provides easy access to the water. It is right here, far from the noise, that we find the door that opens to Sardina’s Underwater World.

For further information, visit the event organizer’s website (only in Spanish):

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