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Sioux City Park

A Western is filmed every single day here on the island, and you are the star of the film. Sioux City Park, in Gran Canaria, is a theme park that whisks you back to the legendary American western period, with its film-set recreations that take every single detail into account so that you feel just like you are in an old town in the middle of an American prairie.

And now you’re inside. The town’s main road is flanked either side by a school, a barber’s shop, a blacksmith’s and a recruitment office, while at the far end you can make out the church and the cemetery. Nearby is the Mexican village and the Indian reserve. Country music can be heard booming out of the saloon, the doors to which are now wide open and where we can see food and drink being served. Then suddenly, the music is drowned out by the sound of shooting. A scuffle has broken out. Welcome one and all to the old wild west, here in the middle of the 21st century.  

The film continues. A group of outlaws attack the bank, just like we have seen in dozens of Hollywood productions, the difference being that you can watch it all live thanks to the fine performances by specialist actors. That’s right, the sheriff will have to intervene and face up to the wrong-doers, with the same coolness and determination that actors like John Wayne and James Stewart used to do on the big screen. 

If you think that peace has descended on the town you’re wrong. Suddenly a puff of smoke rises up. What’s caused that? The mystery is quickly solved, it is the passing of cattle and a stud of wild horses, another of the spectacles on show every day at Sioux City Park, alongside a horse exhibition, the cowboy lassoing show and the enigmatic horse whisperer session. 

Also in the Saloon are artists who hold the Guinness World Record in the breathtaking technique of knife-throwing and lasso-throwing. Featured at the weekend are the Buffet Barbaco, the Country Clown and the Foam Fiesta. Entertainment here is like a runaway horse, it never stops.  

Along with these and other attractions, the fascinating Sioux City Park also houses the Film and Lee Van Cleef Museum, and the Weapons Museum. There is also the chance to get up close to emblematic animals including the bison and the American cow, as well as Canarian goats, donkeys, hens and ponies. As an optional extra, visitors can also live the unforgettable experience of horse-riding both in the enclosure and in the open countryside. This sevice is open to everyone of all ages, and is totally safe thanks to the qualified park staff who are there to guide you.   

We now need to get our strength back. The best burgers in town are at the American Restaurant, together with other fine food and drink which will leave a lovely taste in your mouth as you smile remembering how the nasty outlaws bit the dust. The time has come when the blue skies of Gran Canaria will have the words ‘The End’ etched over them, as occurs at the end of films. You are sure to be back for more… 

You can check out all the information, services, the site’s location and contact details on the official Sioux City Park.

Sioux City
Address: Barranco del Águila, Bahía Feliz.
San Bartolomé de Tirajana. San Agustín
Telephone: (+34) 928 762 573


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