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We want to have fun

Things look different through the eyes of a child

Do think it is normal to go from sunbathing on the beach in a flash to walking along a town from the Wild West in a hat and carrying a gun? Of course it is not easy for an adult to understand, but for kids it is different, and in Gran Canaria we take kids’ opinions very seriously.

A girl smiles and hugs her mother on the beach

Why can’t I be a sandcastle builder for a while and then an outlaw after lunch? Of course I can. There is a quite peculiar range of things to do around here, with kids in mind. You can go on a camel ride or visit Sioux City. You can go on a submarine, like Captain Nemo, sail out to visit the lounge of a dolphin family, go to the stunning world of Palmitos Park, among many other things...

But remember, you won’t get it through the eyes of an adult. Why is it such fun to spin around in a water toboggan? It is not all that clear, but they just love it, they could spend hours doing it. Why is it that even the odd adult has a truly great time on holiday in Gran Canaria?

A children's planet in Gran Canaria

Angry Birds Activity Park Gran Canaria
Avenida Tomás Roca Bosch - Puerto Rico
Tlf: (+34) 928 153 976

Adventure Park Hangar 37
Battlefield Theme Park Gran Canaria
Carretera GC-500 - Tarajalillo
Tlf: (+34) 669 829 233

Holiday World
Avda. Touroperador Tui s/n
Campo Internacional Maspalomas
Tlf: (+34) 928 766 725

Gran Karting Club Gran Canaria
Ctra. General del Sur Km 46
Tlf: (+34) 928 157 190

Sioux City
Barranco del Águila
San Bartolomé de Tirajana
Tlf: (+34) 928 762 573
Aqualand Maspalomas
Aquatic park
Carretera Palmitos Park, km 3
Tlf: (+34) 928 140 525
Cactualdea Parque
Ctra. de Mogán a La Aldea de San Nicolás s/n
Ctra. del Hoyo - Tocodoman
Tlf: (+34) 928 891 228

Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo
Carretera del Centro km7 - Tafira Alta
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Tlf: (+34) 928 219 580

Palmitos Park
Barranco de Los Palmitos s/n
Tlf: (+34) 928 797 070
Camello Safari Duna Oasis
Tlf: (+34) 928 760 781 / (+34) 609 520 233

Donkey Safari Las Tirajanas
El Morisco s/n (subida a Taidia)
Santa Lucía
Tlf: (+34) 928 180 587 / (+34) 658 938 332

Parque de Cocodrilos
Los Corralillos Km 5,5
Tlf: (+34) 928 784 725
Mini Tren
Avda. de Italia 12
Playa del Inglés
Tlf: (+34) 928 765 908
Excursiones de avistamiento de delfines
Tlf: (+34) 928 153 747

Spirit of the Sea
Excursiones de avistamiento de delfines
Tlf: (+34) 928 150 010
Submarine Adventure
Puerto de Mogán
Tlf: (+34) 928 565 108

The following companies lay on activities for children on the island:

Tlf: (+34) 928 493 216