Gran Canaria

10 Highlights not to be missed

Ten places you really shouldn't miss.

The truth is that if we could only pick 10 places on this miniature continent, we’d be missing too much.

So we entrusted the task to our wonderful tourist information office team who, thanks to their vast experience with thousands of travellers, came up with a few extra spots.

Pay attention because we’re about to reveal some of our greatest secrets.

Even after we said we wouldn’t tell!

Our 7 extras just for you

Our wonderful team of tourist informants, thanks to the experience of thousands of travelers, provide us with some extra places.

Risco Caído y las Montañas Sagradas Artenara / Tejeda / Gáldar / Agaete

Recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the set of caves making up the Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains Cultural Landscape has won admiration from all over the world.

An archaeological grouping that encompasses a large part of the summit and the towns of Tejeda, Artenara and the high lands of Gáldar and Agaete.

In Artenara, you can drop into its Visitors Centre, where you’ll be able to delve into the aboriginal world and learn about a culture that survived over 1500 years in isolation. Discover the mysteries hidden behind the Risco Caído, an astronomic marker where our ancestors measured the passing of time and the seasons more than 800 years ago.

Roque Bentayga alineado con el Sol, Roque Nublo al fondo
Vista desde la distancia del pueblo de Fataga

village of Fataga San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Hidden from the noise and heat in the south of Gran Canaria, you will find a tiny whitewashed village nestling among the ravines that goes by the name of Fataga. A ravine crowned by a valley of a thousand palm trees, just a few miles from one of the largest tourist complexes in the south of Gran Canaria, far from the hustle and bustle. A tiny corner with a great deal of charm, narrow streets and stone houses, hidden away in a valley edged by impressive crags that you’ll have no problem finding as its white houses literally shine on sunny days.


Cenobio de Valerón Santa María de Guía

This vertical fortress with more than 350 holes, like a giant hive, is actually an enormous grain store built by the ancient aborigines more than 800 years ago. A unique site due to its morphology and dimensions, that can be visited today by any intrepid explorers who want to travel back in time, just half an hour from the city.

Vista de los espacios de almacenamiento en una pared de roca
Visión parcial de la caldera en la que se aprecia la pared lateral y pinos canarios en primer plano

Caldera de Bandama Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Right where you least expect it, you’ll come across an amazing place, the Caldera de Bandama. Very close to the vineyards in Tafira, just 20 minutes from the city, a volcanic basin appears out of nowhere, challenging day-trippers to find the best hidden wine press for miles around. 200 metres deep and more than 1000 across, this perfect cavity has been kept practically intact. Several hiking paths will show you the way around it or even take you into the very heart of this hidden basin.

Los Tilos de Moya Natural Reserve Moya

More than 50 species can be found together in one of the last bastions of laurel forest in Gran Canaria, the Los Tilos de Moya Natural Reserve.

Ideal for hiking fans, this natural reserve boasts several tracks through the laurel forest. Discover “La Selva de Doramas” (Doramas Forest) and you’ll soon realise why many people call Gran Canaria, their great destination.

Sendero rodeado de vegetación de laurisilva
Cueva pintada

Painted Cave Museum and Archaeological Park Gáldar

The north of Gran Canaria has a teleport machine that will take you back in time.

The Painted Cave (Cueva Pintada) is a must-see for anyone who wishes to find out more about the islands’ origins, history and aboriginal culture hundreds of years ago.

An important legacy passed down to today’s history buffs.


Pico de los Pozos de la Nieve Viewpoint Tejeda

You really can fly over a sea of clouds in Gran Canaria. You’ll find its highest point at the very heart of the island, 1,956 metres above sea level. Up there, you’ll feel tiny as you watch nature’s unique show, making the climb up to Las Nieves summit really worthwhile. Watch Teide floating over a thick sea of clouds from a balcony with the most extraordinary views on the entire island.

El atardecer perfila los bordes de las montañas con el horizonte
Gran Canaria