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Bring your pet on holiday

We know that your pet is much more than just an animal to you. They are family members, an unconditional friend that you don’t want to leave behind when you go on holiday.

You want them to enjoy as much as you, and so you look for destinations where your pet is also welcome.

You need Pet Friendly destinations.


We want you to think of Gran Canaria when planning a trip with your pet.

We’ve created our own hallmark that makes us pioneers in a very special kind of tourism: pet tourism.

Gran Canaria Pets Welcome came about to provide pets and their owners with an animal-friendly destination, that meets their expectations and guarantees safe, happy holidays.

Although we know there’s still a long way to go, accommodation, establishments and services aplenty have joined our initiative so that Gran Canaria might become a favourite destination for you and your pet.

Because we really love animals.

Welcome to Gran Canaria Pets Welcome!


I always
tell my owners:
there are loads of places in Gran Canaria

that provide pet-friendly accommodation. Sorry to bark on about it but if you want to relax and get away from the rush of the modern world, my human friend, pick Gran Canaria.

When my humans
press me for details, I give them all the low-down on the airline requirements to fly me
Gran Canaria.

It’s all here.

Is it fun to go shopping? Of course it is. As much fun as a new squeaky toy! That’s why Gran Canaria has pet shops, grooming parlours and fun options for
your pet.
Don’t worry, human. If something unexpected happened, there are loads of veterinary clinics on the island with amazing professionals to take care of me.
Gran Canaria is a European destination with full guarantees.

Remember that Gran Canaria has got a great climate that seems to be tailor-made for everyone in the human family to get some rest, swim in the sea and forget their crazy problems. Listen to me, I know I’m barking up the right tree.


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