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Gran Canaria

Recipes from an Islandmix. Master pastry maker Juan Carlos Moraes. Gran Canaria.

This is how 'Elegance Fres-Cor', a dessert by Juan Carlos Moraes da Souza, is made


100 grs light flour
60 grs butter
38 grs icing sugar
12 grs almond flour
22 grs eggs
1 gr salt
1 gr vanilla essence

Place the soft butter into a large mixing bowl; add the sugar and mix in well, until it is properly blended in and the butter has a creamy texture. Next add the eggs, and mix well until everything is blended in.
Add the flour and almond flour, the salt and vanilla essence. Leave the dough to stand in the fridge for 5 minutes, to be able to stretch it out.
Stretch out the dough to a thickness of 2.8 mm. Cut to the desired size and put in cold storage to set. Then place in the oven at 160º C, for 12 minutes.
Once the biscuits have been baked, pour chocolate of strawberry sauce on them.

Elegance Fres-Cor

Champagne-drenched strawberries
Strawberries cut into quarter pieces en brunoise.
Place into vacuum packed bag together with some champaign.
Vacuum pack, then use 10-20 minutes later.

Basil and Champaing gel
A handful of basil
40 ml Champaign
5 grs. cold  gel cream

Blanch the basil, then add the Champaign and the gel cream, put in the blender and then strain. Place in a bottle with a nozzle.

Strawberry sauce
250 g large strawberries
80 g white sugar
3 spoons of lemon juice

Wash the strawberries and cut into slices.
Cook in a pot with the sugar on medium heat for 10 minutes. You don’t need to squash or stir them, they will dissolve in the heat on their own.
Squeeze the lemon and add 3 spoonfuls of juice to the strawberries. When cooked, take off the heat and wait for them to cool a little. Blend the mix and strain. Put in a bottle with a nozzle.

Elegance Fres-Cor
Juan Carlos Moraes da Souza

Strawberry flavoured chocolate mousse inspiration
105 grs. milk
32 grs. jelly paste
20 grs. strawberry paste
220 grs. strawberry flavoured chocolate
220 grs. half-whipped cream
Half-whip the cream, and store.
Heat up the milk, add the jelly paste until it dilutes.
Add the strawberry chocolate with the strawberries and add the previous mix. Blend into a pulp. Cool to a temperature of 36ºC and add the half-whipped cream all around.
Put into a pastry bag.
White chocolate with aroma of lime mousse
125 grs. milk
36 grs. jelly masa
237 grs. white chcolate
Lime aroma concentrated drops
1 lime zest
250 grs half-whipped cream

Heat up the milk and add the jelly  masa until it is completely dissolved.
Place the white chocolate into a bowl with the concentrated lime aroma drops, adding the hot milk. Blend in well to form a paste. Let the mixture cool to 36ºC before adding the half-whipped cream and the lime zest all around.
Place into a pastry bag with the nozzle of your choice.

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Juan Carlos Moraes da Souza explains his recipe:

"My inspiration for this dish first came about because of my interest in promoting strawberry cultivation in Valsequillo, a crop producing elegant, passionate red fruits; and secondly for the summer-like climate we enjoy all through the year; I was looking for freshness, flavour, colour and joy in this dish…My main objective is to make clients happy, and for them to enjoy the work I put in to my recipes."

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Who is Juan Carlos Moraes da Souza?

Juan Carlos Moraes da Souza is Brazilian master pastry maker who lives in Gran Canaria, and boasts a professional career spanning 14 years in Spain. He trained in Cooking and Gastronomy at the Hotel Escuela catering school in Santa Brígida, in Gran Canaria, and has had work experience in Palma de Mallorca, where he spent his initial 3 year period in the catering world.

In 2015, given his great interest in pastry making, Juan Carlos signed up for a Masters in Restaurant Pastry Making and Sweet Recipes at the Basque Culinary Centre, in San Sebastián, with the aim of expanding his knowledge and specializing in high quality baking.

When he finished his studies, Juan Carlos Moraes began his career as a pastry maker for a period at the Restaurante Bubó owned by Carles Manpel and Oriol Balaguer in Barcelona. He then returned to Gran Canaria, where he worked at different bakeries. On his return to the island he went in for the baking contest GastroCanarias, coming through as winner of the 3rd annual Absolute Canary Harinalia Bakery Prize Championship.

As the chef explains "pastry making is so exciting because of the subtlety that goes into setting up the desserts, the creativity required to combine flavours, colours and textures, plus the discipline needed to make everything come together properly".

Our 25th 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

The region of Valsequillo is the star-studded capital of the strawberry in the Canary Islands. The municipality organizes its ‘Strawberry Day' every year, attracting many sweet-tooth enthusiasts and pastry makers along to this sensational product. There are 10 plantations alone in Valsequillo dedicated to the painstaking process of strawberry production. The end product is small in size, and is high quality and has a great taste thanks to the climatic conditions here.

Further information at the Valsequillo Tourism website