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Sailing amongst dolphins

Sailing amongst dolphins

Would you like to go on a cruise round the Gran Canaria coast looking for dolphins? This is one of the most entertaining alternatives for sea lovers on holiday on the island. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert sailor. You just need a little curiosity and want to have a good time.

Before you know it, you’ll be in the Atlantic Ocean, on board a boat or a catamaran. You don’t go on a dolphin watching trip everyday!

Not far from the coast of Gran Canaria you can come across bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, tropical dolphins or spotted dolphins.

Pair of dolphins cavorting in the open sea
Three dolphins sailing

On the Archipelago’s water you can see up to 27 different species. Gran Canaria is a perfect place to watch dolphins and see how they behave in their real habitat.

Furthermore, mini-cruises also offer you the chance to enjoy amazing natural spots close to the Island’s coast. Hidden coves, fishing ports, marinas or natural ravines which snake to the sea are part of the boat trips, which leave at all hours from the small port of Puerto Rico, in the south of the island.

Group of persons sighting dolphins from a boat

If you really want to sail with dolphins, if you think that you shouldn’t miss this opportunity, you can find more information from the following websites:

Spirit of the Sea 
Tel: (+34) 928 150 010 ; E-mail:

Tel: (+34) 928 153 747 ; E-mail:  

You can also find out more from any of the Island’s Tourist Offices. Don’t forget to find out what the sea is hiding in Gran Canaria.

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