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Mountain sports

The beaches don’t mind if you prefer the mountains...

The sea doesn’t mind.

And the ocean and the beaches won’t be upset if you choose the mountains of Gran Canaria. 

Because Gran Canaria is not only the home of surfers and divers. It is also home to a sea of mountains, which are perfect for practicing sport. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking and cycling routes. Everything travels together on this miniaturised continent. On an island that allows you to change sport as easily as you change your shirt.

Two excursionists resting by Roque Nublo
Rock climber scaling rock face
Group of cyclists

In less than one hour by car you can swap the sea for dizzying mountains, in places where no sound is heard. You can leap in one moment from our ocean of beaches to our extensive network of hiking trails, where you can spend a whole day strolling among pine forests, or following winding roads on bikes, passing through villages so small that they are gone in the blink of an eye. There are different options for different people.


Routes through changing landscapes for bicycle lovers
For lovers of tough sports, Gran Canaria offers a comprehensive range of steep slopes with diverse scenery. All of this in a gentle, agreeable climate.

Hiking in the network of royal trails
For people who are curious and who wish to forget all about hustle and bustle.    Practicing sport while still admiring all the hidden charms of nature on the island.  Adrenaline for lovers of mountain biking
There are a thousand different types of tracks in the mountain areas of Gran Canaria.  This means that even novice bikers can practice the sport flat out, while enveloped in the peaceful climate of the island.   

Mountain climbing on an uphill island
And for those who need to face challenges (even on holiday), Gran Canaria is home to a large number of nature areas that are made to measure for climbing enthusiasts. Great walls and a whole range of vertical ascents. A range of challenges that only those who are crazy about climbing truly understand.

Active Tourism Companies

Northern zone:

Alisio Actividades Medioambientales S.L.
Address: Alférez Provisional 2, 35019 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 616 072 687

Aventura en Canarias
Hiking activities, climbing, biking, vias ferratas climbing routes, multiadventure, horse riding, parachuting, bungee jumping and paragliding
Telephone: (+34) 626 331 588

Bikecenter Free Motion
The No 1 bike rental on Canary Island with more than 1.000 new Cannondale bikes / guided cycling tours with road, mountain and electric bikes in different levels / weekly training camps / guided hiking tours.
Address: c/ León y Castillo 323 esq. c/ Italia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 928 777 479 

Ça marche à Gran Canaria
Guided walking tours in French and in Spanish with guide Paul Roger. For the discovery and background information on the island’s natural environment, as you walk along the many local footpaths.
Telephone: (+34) 696 869 279
Facebook: Ça marche à Gran Canaria

Canarias Bike Mobility
Guided expeditions and excursions on recumbant bikes (a different way of pedalling around) 
Telephone: (+34) 663 256 613/ (+34) 647 646 171

Canary Excursions Tours S.L.
Learn all about the local history and culture of Gran Canaria on routes that will take you all around the island.
Address:  Camelia, 13, local 2 - 35010 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 828 017 177

Active tourism company, rural and sports, specializing in climbing, adventure, hiking, canyonning, jumping, via ferrata, kayak.
Address: Paseo Tomás Morales 68, 1ºA
Telephone: (+34) 636 898 493 / (+34) 687 512 500

Gran Canaria excursions
Small group guided tours. Hiking excursions. Walks around the old town centres of Arucas and Firgas. 
Visits to Roque Nublo
Telephone: (+34) 634 521 816  / (Monday to Friday: 9:00-17:00 ) 

Gran Canaria Viva
Hiking activities
Address: c/ Alemania 84, 35006 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 627 567 951 

HandMade Tours
Made to measure excursions, for small groups and with a personalized service.
Gastronomical routes which combine the finest traditional cuisine with walks around the island’s magical countryside.
Gastronomical Tours. Cultural Tourism. Nature and Heritage.
Telephone: (+34) 677 389 690

Guided Tours around Teror and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tourist Gymkhanas.
Telephone: (+34) 616 235 301

Limonium, Sport and Leisure in Nature 
Activities on land: educational hiking; map reading; archery; multiadventure.
Rope activities: rope climbing; abseiling down ravines; hanging bridge descent and zip slides; caving.
Water activities : kayaks; kayak rental; scuba diving; apnea (skin) diving; sea discovery – whale and dolphin spotting. Air activities: paragliding
Address: c/ José y María,69. Lomo los Frailes. Tamaraceite. 
35018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
Telephone: (+34) 928 436 995 

Macaronesia Tours
Discover the secrets of the North of the island with our guided tours around Santa María de Guía, Gáldar, Arucas and Agaete.
Culinary Tours. Coffee and wine tours. Visits to settlements and museums.
Telephone: (+34) 653 026 697

Pentaprisma. Photo-Tours around Gran Canaria
Get to all the hidden corners of the island in a different way, while learning photography tips on made to measure tours.
Address: Guillermo Santana Rivero, 1 - 3C - 35012 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 609 833 559
Business hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.

Segway LPA 
An original and enjoyable way to explore the city 
Address: C/ Gomera, 7 – 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
Phone: (+34) 928 504 750 / (+34) 638 814 474

Turinka Canarias
Telephone: (+34) 636 647 542 / (+34) 689 052 509
Facebook: Turinka Canarias

Vivac Aventura, S.L.
Facilities management at the Natural Environment 
Carrying out activities in Natural surroundings: Hiking, Climbing, Abseiling, Mountain bike... 
Address: c/ Virgen del Pilar 32 Local 8 
35012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
Telephone: (+34) 928 413 282 

Wandering Pier Gran Canaria
Hiking with awareness. Get to know the island by walking round it, discover hidden corners of Gran Canaria.
Telephone: (+34) 603 207 005
Facebook: Wandering Pier Gran Canaria

Walk in Gran Canaria
Address: General Vives, 77 1º, Loc. A-2, 35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 928 27 30 27

Southern zone:

Bici Bike Vintage - Bike and Electric Scooter Rental and Tours
Bicycle hire. Push bikes, Electric bikes and Mountain bikes for all ages.
Guided tours for families and children, accompanied by an expert guide. Daily tours have to be booked beforehand.
Address: Cita Shopping Centre, Avda. de Alemania n. 22 / Playa del Inglés
Telephone: (+34) 675 417 484 / (+34) 928 737 897

Bikecenter Free Motion
The No 1 bike rental on Canary Island with more than 1.000 new Cannondale bikes / guided cycling tours with road, mountain and electric bikes in different levels / weekly training camps / guided hiking tours.
- Av Alfereces Provisionales s/n, Hotel Sandy Beach, Local 9, Playa del Inglés
- CC Oasis Beach, Av Christobal Colón s/n, Meloneras
- Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa, Puerto de Mogán
Telephone: (+34) 928 777 479 

All kinds of excursions, sports and leisure activities in natural surroundings.
Hiking, canyoning, climbing, cycling routes.
Address: Paseo de los Pescadores, 15 - Mogán
Telephone: (+34) 928 178 329 / (+34) 633 533 444

Cycle Gran Canaria 
Routes on mountain bike, cycle tourism routes, training camps. 
Address: Edificio Princesa Arminda Portal 2,3º -D-I San Fernando de Maspalomas 
Telephone: (+34) 617 799 924 / (+34) 928 769 508

El Salobre Horse Riding 
Horse riding excursions
Address: c/ Islas Malvinas 3, 35106 El Salobre - San Bartolomé de Tiriajana 
Telephone: (+34) 616 418 363 

Fun Action Sports & Adventures
Hiking and cycling activities
Telephone: (+34) 644 025 074

Telephone: (+34) 609 549 324 / (+34) 634 647 819

LOW COST Tours Gran Canaria
Activities, excursions and guided tours.
Telephone: (+34) 828 607 009 / (+34) 606 412 354

Multi Activity Gran Canaria (World Luxury Vehicles)
Excursions. Hiking. Quads & Buggys. Jet Ski Safari.
Telephone: (+34) 605 048 045 / (+34) 606 580 103

Rocky Adventure
Address: Centro Comercial Eurocenter Local 91-92 - San Bartolomé de Tirajana
Telephone: (+34) 615 93 25 89

Vulcan Canarias
Hiking activities, ravine abseiling, climbing, archaeological routes, mountain bike, paragliding, diving and kayaking. 
Telephone: (+34) 662 453 519 / (+34) 603 510 867

Source consulted: Active tourism companies and tourist intermediaries (January 2014) confirmed and updated by the Government of the Canary Islands.

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