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Professional Area

Choice of Accomodation in Gran Canaria

The accommodation lists published herein are ordered according to their Usages and Types as described in Decree 142/2010 dated 4th Octuber by the Canary Government, and are being developed for touristic purposes on this date, for the usage, type and category applied for by their owners.

 - Accommodation in Gran Canaria [XLS]

All the establishments included here are acknowledged by the Gran Canaria Tourist Board to have carried out all necessary administrative procedures for their designated function. Any establishment not included in this list is deemed illegal or clandestine, and unfit for any touristic contractual purpose.

Any changes regarding usage, type, ownership, category, denomination, etc. of these establishments must be made known by the owners to the Tourist Board, by presenting the corresponding documentation available at the Renovation and Tourist Establishment Office  (Oficina de Renovación y Establecimientos Turísticos), at the Accommodation Establishment Department, and also on the website of this Organism.

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Restaurants and Café - Bars in Gran Canaria [XLS] 

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