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Where do the best girl surfers surf?

Where do the best girl surfers surf?

Where do the best girl surfers surf?

Who said that surfing and bodyboarding are not a sporting hit with the girls? That may be the case in other parts of the world, but not here in Gran Canaria. This is because season after season the number of girl surfers just keeps on rising. 

A surfer riding a wave
A girl comes out of the water with her surfboard under her arm

Whether it be on calm days or when the waves are crashing in, on tucked away beaches where beginners learn how to first stand up on the board, to less accesible coastal areas where the sea currents are that much stronger. The hidden away beaches are the ones with the best waves and where only the really good surfers go, and not just the boys, but the girls too. 

A girl strolling along the beach at Las Canteras with her surfboard under her arm
Three people sitting on the sea-walk watching the waves

Local sportsmen and women do not hold back when it comes to competing, for this reason, the local set up here boasts a number of true champions, such as the Taylor sisters. Marina, on the one hand, is the runner up in the bodyboard world championships, while Adelina is the European Surf champion, they come from the island’s capital and have their own surf school, where they show anyone who might just suspect that catching the waves yourself is far better than watching others doing it.

A group of girls taking surfing classes

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Or medicine for boredom? Surfing fever might be just what you are looking for. Just think for a moment, there must be something about it to make top surfers choose to get to the beach before anyone else.


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