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Gran Canaria
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Gran Canaria is like you are. It is restless, it loves to have fun, it is fascinated by culture, likes to try new experiences, and make all kinds of plans to make every day different and memorable. On this agenda you will find the standout events on an island that never stops.


Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria


Mogán (Mogán)


27 avril 2019


Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria

Top Gran Canaria

52ª Temporada de Ópera

52ª Temporada de Ópera

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

19 févr. 2019 - 8 juin 2019

Teatro Pérez Galdós

Gran Canaria Walking Festival

Gran Canaria Walking Festival

Varios Emplazamientos (Varios municipios)

23 oct. 2019 - 27 oct. 2019