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Image of Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR show. Photo: Cirque du Soleil

The most creative and moving Cirque du Soleil show comes to Gran Canaria

The BAZZAR show is inspired by the origins and legacy of Cirque du Soleil and opens in October 2024 in Gran Canaria.

A merry and colourful troupe of acrobats, dancers and musicians come together on this occasion to create a unique universe where fantasy runs wild. A place where the unexpected is possible; a troupe of artists who imagine, build and rebuild marvellous scenes in an artistic and acrobatic game. All this can be summed up in just one word, BAZZAR.

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Comet Neowise over Roque Nublo, Tejeda, Gran Canaria

El Roque Nublo awaits your return in Gran Canaria

The summit of Gran Canaria is one of those spots which makes the island a Starlight Tourism Destination. There is no light without darkness. The comet that streaks across Gran Canaria’s skies is a lump of rocks and gases covered in ash. The nearby sun melted its heart of ice, explaining the white wake streaming behind it which seems to have hypnotised El Roque Nublo and its stoney companions as they watch this interstellar Icarus, a full five kilometres wide, on its return journey to the depths of the galaxy.

Playa de Sardina del Norte, Gran Canaria

Sardina del Norte in Gáldar and its love of the sea

Sardina del Norte in Gran Canaria is opening the first museum devoted to the sea, highlighting the town’s history as the island’s First Sea Port.

The first Marine Classroom is opening in Sardina del Norte in Gáldar. This museum, run by the Canary Association of Maritime Collectors (ACCOMAR), will break new ground by featuring not only the port and maritime history of the town of Sardina del Norte in Gáldar, but also its interesting surrounding area.

The Maspalomas Natural Dune Reserve

Maspalomas Dunes dance in silence

Each sunrise is the opening scene of a new day. Practically nothing affects the nightly sleep of the Maspalomas dunes, in the south of Gran Canaria. These mountains of sand wake up woven together, wrapped in their own silk blankets. The first rays of sunlight hit their crests and make the last shadows vanish, as if by magic.

Playa de Anfi, Mogán

Anchored on Anfi beach in Mogán

Calm reigns on this beach in Mogán, in the south of Gran Canaria.

The winds encourage folk to let out their sails and push their boat through the placid southern waters once again. The timid flock of white clouds grazing on the warm mist on the horizon reminds us that the north of the island is still there. Anfi beach, at the mouth of the Verga de Mogán Ravine, is now a stage set with golden sand and turquoise water, lightly stirring as it waits.

Roque Nublo made of sand. Nativity scene made of sand at Las Canteras Beach. Photo of past editions

Las Canteras beach nativity in Gran Canaria: messages in sand and light

Las Canteras Sand Nativity is one of many attractions in Gran Canaria’s warm Atlantic Christmas.

A reef that you can spot at low tide protects Las Canteras beach from the pounding ocean, like a long protective arm shielding Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s emblematic sands. Seen from dry land, it’s just a brush-stroke on the horizon. The sand bar now also forms part of the island’s gentle Christmas. At the northern end of the beach, the skylight on the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium plays the role of the Christmas Star.

Pine forest in Gran Canaria

The memories of the trees of Gran Canaria

The unique trees of Gran Canaria offer their particular summary of the island’s history and biodiversity.

The unique trees of Gran Canaria have their own given name and the people of the island speak to them as old friends, venerable elders or a mother in whose shade several generations have grown up. This is the case with La Castañera Grande de Las Lagunetas, an over 300-year-old chestnut in Vega de San Mateo whose wood ash was used to heal the navels of children who were born on this island sheltered in the grove.


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