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Blog Oficial de Turismo de Gran Canaria

San Juan, Telde

A Visitor Welcome Centre in Telde

The municipality of Telde, in the east of Gran Canaria, is situated in a fertile plain known as “La Vega Mayor”, a place one falls in love with at first sight. If we step inside this area, we will find an even greater treasure: bananas, oranges, cucumbers, flowers, ornamental plants, tomatoes, peppers and sugar cane are grown there.

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The secrets of the Sand Nativity Scene at Las Canteras Beach

Sand does not make a distinction or cares about where the bare feet of the people who walk on it come from. And the waves that break on the shore speak a language that everyone can understand, no matter what their mother tongue is. All differences are washed away by the gentle breeze and the white foam, at least for a moment. That is why Gran Canaria displays its Christmas spirit on the beach, by recreating an ephemeral Sand Nativity Scene that carries a universal and timeless message.

Sunset in Roque Nublo

Lights and whispers in the heights of Gran Canaria

I have lived on this peak for millions of years. I know because I have been keeping track of the suns and moons. I am the son of time and of an old volcano that is no longer here. The wind, the sun, the rain and the passing of the days have made me what I am: the prince and sentinel of a kingdom made of stone. But I am not alone. The pine woods and rocks that keep me company on these heights give shelter to beings that seem to be made of the same light that is now starting to draw its veil back. Hence, the lizards here are made of gold, emerald and sapphire.

Mirador del Balcón

Gran Canaria from a dragon’s eye view

The Mirador del Paso de Marinero viewpoint, also known as Mirador del Balcón, offers extraordinary views of the wildest areas of Gran Canaria and of the stars.

Silence reigns at these altitudes, broken only by the wind coming from the ocean and blowing up to the top of the cliff. No one wants to disrupt the dragon’s sleep, which has been dormant for millions of years. Indeed, when visitors arrive at the Mirador del Paso de Marinero (or Mirador del Balcón) viewpoint in La Aldea, on the west coast of Gran Canaria, they are often left speechless by the range of mountain peaks that plunge into the sea, and which certainly resemble the tail of a sleeping mythological titan.

Las Canteras

Dive and get to the bottom of Gran Canaria

In Gran Canaria there are numerous dive sites which are ideal to explore the biodiversity and beauty of the island’s seabed through snorkelling and scuba diving.

Is it possible to fly underwater? An inhabitant of Gran Canaria’s seabed has shown us that it is indeed possible. It moves at a leisurely pace, almost in slow motion, barely stirring the water around it, like a butterfly fluttering through the ocean. The magnetic elegance of this type of stingray is just one of the wonders that await those who venture into the depths of the island.

Santa Lucía

Santa Lucía has launched its new tourism brand and website

With an advertising spot that delivers a sensory experience along with beautiful images, the municipality of Santa Lucía presents its new tourism brand and website (, in which senses play a leading role, inviting us to see the wind, to taste the landscape, to feel the sunrise, to listen to the silence of an endless view... ”Come and visit Santa Lucía. Get closer to you” concludes this new advertising spot.


The Gran Canaria Wine Route, in search of something extraordinary

Gran Canaria has been able to bottle its essence. Each of its wines is a reflection of its varied landscape, its extensive varietal heritage, its history and the strong commitment to produce high quality wines that allow us to taste the flavours of the island sip by sip. The Spanish Association of Wine Cities (Acevin), in recognition of the island’s unique winegrowing characteristics, has awarded the first, and so far only, wine route certification in the Canary Islands and outside mainland Spain to the Gran Canaria Wine Route.

Muelle Viejo, Arinaga

Arinaga´s old jetty

The municipality of Agüimes has recently opened a new bathing site to the public in the old jetty located in Arinaga, popularly known as Muelle Viejo. This jetty was built at the end of the 19th century and is considered of great historical and ethnographic value.

The Muelle Viejo is half hidden at the foot of the mountain where the current lighthouse stands, in Punta de Arinaga. To the north, we find the El Cabrón beach, where divers plunge into the sea every day to explore the crystalline ocean, full of fish, starfish, seahorses, and large conch shells once used by the inhabitants of Gran Canaria.


Arucas, the Gateway to the North of Gran Canaria

Arucas has launched its new tourism site with a campaign that emphasizes its role as the Gateway to the North of Gran Canaria.

A long time has passed since the city of Arucas was founded at the beginning of the 16th century. And many things have changed, but the essentials remain the same. The skilled hands of the workers and the blue-toned stone from the local quarry made it possible to build the Church of San Juan Bautista, an architectural emblem of the municipality and a symbol of the community’s commitment to the place they live in.

Camino de Santiago

Discover the famous pilgrims’ way known as El Camino de Santiago in Gran Canaria through

The Camino de Santiago in Gran Canaria stretches along 66 kilometers and takes about 23 hours to complete. A large part of this trail was used by the ancient inhabitants of the island as a communication route from the south to the north and, later, it came to be used by herders who practised transhumance, -that is, the seasonal migration of livestock in search of better pastures-, and by pilgrims.



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