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Blog Oficial de Turismo de Gran Canaria

Playa de Sardina del Norte, Gran Canaria

Sardina del Norte in Gáldar and its love of the sea

Sardina del Norte in Gran Canaria is opening the first museum devoted to the sea, highlighting the town’s history as the island’s First Sea Port.

The first Marine Classroom is opening in Sardina del Norte in Gáldar. This museum, run by the Canary Association of Maritime Collectors (ACCOMAR), will break new ground by featuring not only the port and maritime history of the town of Sardina del Norte in Gáldar, but also its interesting surrounding area.

El Perchel beach, Arguineguín

The same calm in a whole new Perchel

Remodelling its surrounding area and installing new services makes El Perchel Beach, in Arguineguín, even more attractive.

Peace and quiet bathe in the sea every day in Arguineguín, on the Mogán coast, in the south of Gran Canaria. The tranquillity of these waters is contagious. It sticks to your skin, like gentle salty residue. You can spot the same effect on the gentle pace of bathers as they stroll in and out of the ocean. Or in the conversations on the promenade that ebb and flow with the waves. “The sea looks perfect for fishing today,” say the locals sitting on the bench, as they look out over the immaculate blue mirror stretching out before them. Indeed, it is. In fact, around eleven in the morning, a slow trickle of local fishing boats begins to return to the harbour.

Sardina del Norte, Gáldar

Invisible steps in Sardina de Gáldar

Leave no trace along the renovated promenade in this northern coastal town in Gran Canaria, just take away an indelible memory.

You won’t miss your step along the entire new promenade in Sardina de Gáldar, on the north coast of Gran Canaria. Just let yourself be carried along. You’ll always get to the right place at the right time because there’s no hurry in Sardina - not because the hours don’t matter, but because time literally landed on this coastline sheltered from the pounding of the Atlantic. Boats pulled into the Old Port of Sardina bringing the bells and the clock for the Church of St James, which overlooks the town.

Paseo de Gran Canaria in Firgas

Firgas, the town of water, gofio, murals and music

Although Gran Canaria is surrounded by beaches and a splendid coastline, water is highly valued inland as well. Firgas is not on the coast, although it has its own water-related traditions.

In the north of Gran Canaria, Firgas is a town where water doubtlessly plays a huge part in everyday life. This is not only due to the huge artificial waterfall in the ‘Paseo de Gran Canaria’ as it stretches on from the ‘Paseo de Canarias’, but also its famous, long-standing mill driven using the power of water, and the number of wells, ponds, water conduits, springs, among other features that form part of our landscape.

Teror Visitors’ Centre. Photo: Turismo de Teror

Gran Canaria offers visitors to Teror a new benchmark history and information space

The town of Teror, in Gran Canaria, has a new Visitors’ Centre right in its old town centre, located in the newly refurbished building known as ‘Casa de Los Alvarado’, opposite the Basílica del Pino.

Under the brand of ‘Teror te deja huella’ (Teror makes its mark), this beautiful building has become a beacon for the thousands of visitors and tourists who come to explore Teror every day. These facilities will provide a Tourist Information Office, permanent and temporary exhibition rooms, plus meeting and presentation facilities.

Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso Cetre - Pool In Shape

The Sea Palace in Gran Canaria

The thalassotherapy centre at the Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel is the largest and one of the most cutting-edge in Europe. This pioneering facility in the Canary Islands is reopening after a full refurbishment.

A trail of dreamy white foam rolls inland along the coast. This marks the Atlantic Ocean’s salty footprint as it returns to its secret sanctuary in the south of Gran Canaria. This marine spirit is captured on the mural welcoming you to the Gloria Palace San Agustín Thalasso & Hotel thalassotherapy centre. Its painter, Félix Juan Bordes, called his work ‘Second Encounter on the Shores of Saint Brendan’s Island’, evoking the mythical, phantom island from Canary legends.

Maspalomas Lighthouse

The Maspalomas Lighthouse Tourist Office shines a light for travellers

The Tourist Information Office, recently opened in the Maspalomas Lighthouse, uses this emblematic spot to provide all the information you need to enjoy Gran Canaria to the full.

The Maspalomas Lighthouse has been lighting the way for travellers since 1890. The recent opening of the Tourist Information Office in this emblematic tower, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, only goes to emphasise that it is a reference point for making enquiries or getting to know the south of Gran Canaria and the Island as a whole.

Maspalomas Lighthouse

The Ethnographic Centre at Maspalomas Lighthouse, how an island is made

The exhibition rooms propose a route around Gran Canaria’s traditional crafts featuring more than a thousand objects and reflecting the island’s social transformations.

Before light, there was stone. Oxen and camels were used to bring basalt blocks down to the coast from the Fataga ravine so that master craftsmen could turn them into the building blocks for the Maspalomas Lighthouse, demonstrating the type of technical perfection that still astounds us today. Their hands crafted the idea captured on paper by the engineer Juan de León y Castillo. On 1st February 1890, the lighthouse projected its first beam that would have been impossible without the knowledge and hard graft of workmen who knew how to transform those million-year-old rocks into pure progress.


Gran Canaria nights, home of the stars

Gran Canaria is renewing the certificate that declares the Island’s Biosphere Reserve a Starlight Destination

Gran Canaria continues to gaze dreamily up at the skies, with a passion that expands throughout the universe. The Island has renewed the certificate declaring its Biosphere Reserve a Starlight Destination until 2025. This certification recognises its commitment to astrotourism and consequently to protecting its night skies, keeping that extraordinary window on the stars wide open, for people from all over the world to gaze out of every day.

San Juan, Telde

A Visitor Welcome Centre in Telde

The municipality of Telde, in the east of Gran Canaria, is situated in a fertile plain known as “La Vega Mayor”, a place one falls in love with at first sight. If we step inside this area, we will find an even greater treasure: bananas, oranges, cucumbers, flowers, ornamental plants, tomatoes, peppers and sugar cane are grown there.


The secrets of the Sand Nativity Scene at Las Canteras Beach

Sand does not make a distinction or cares about where the bare feet of the people who walk on it come from. And the waves that break on the shore speak a language that everyone can understand, no matter what their mother tongue is. All differences are washed away by the gentle breeze and the white foam, at least for a moment. That is why Gran Canaria displays its Christmas spirit on the beach, by recreating an ephemeral Sand Nativity Scene that carries a universal and timeless message.