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Blog Oficial de Turismo de Gran Canaria

Comet Neowise over Roque Nublo, Tejeda, Gran Canaria

El Roque Nublo awaits your return in Gran Canaria

The summit of Gran Canaria is one of those spots which makes the island a Starlight Tourism Destination. There is no light without darkness. The comet that streaks across Gran Canaria’s skies is a lump of rocks and gases covered in ash. The nearby sun melted its heart of ice, explaining the white wake streaming behind it which seems to have hypnotised El Roque Nublo and its stoney companions as they watch this interstellar Icarus, a full five kilometres wide, on its return journey to the depths of the galaxy.

Pine forest in Gran Canaria

The memories of the trees of Gran Canaria

The unique trees of Gran Canaria offer their particular summary of the island’s history and biodiversity.

The unique trees of Gran Canaria have their own given name and the people of the island speak to them as old friends, venerable elders or a mother in whose shade several generations have grown up. This is the case with La Castañera Grande de Las Lagunetas, an over 300-year-old chestnut in Vega de San Mateo whose wood ash was used to heal the navels of children who were born on this island sheltered in the grove.

El Álamo Trail in Teror

Silent steps through the Álamo Ravine

The circular route through Teror’s Álamo Ravine embraces Gran Canaria’s biodiversity and countryside.

The ravines are arteries where Gran Canaria’s life blood flows most intensely. Here, sheltered between stone walls, nature drinks water from the springs, it climbs, flowers, creeps, puts down roots and multiplies. It also lays green blankets over the basalt rock; it squeezes into implausible gaps and offers shelter between light and shade for anyone or anything that requires protection from the hustle and bustle of the world. This all happens on Teror’s Álamo Ravine path.