All the latest at Las Canteras beach

The knocking down of an old wall has added a further 2,500 metres of surface area to Las Canteras beach, in the area around La Cícer, where there is now a square and a walkway.

Mother Nature has got back what always used to be hers. Las Canteras beach, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has gained another 2,500 square metres of surface area following the demolition of an old wall, together with the creation of a new square and a walkway along La Cícer, at the top end of the beach near the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, and right opposite where surfers glide around some of the finest waves in Europe.

Las Canteras Avenue

This refurbishment is included in the Restoration Project of the Paseo de Las Canteras-La Cícer Section, and foresees further complementary works to create a spa and a Red Cross site underneath the new walkway. 

With these improvements, Las Canteras beach, which provides the healthy lungs of air, light, blue tints and salty foam in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, takes a giant stride forward, helping to provide the launchpad for an area in which a whole host of business premises have emerged, comprising restaurants and surfing schools, a massive attraction for thousands of enthusiasts every single day who come to one of the most diverse spots in Spain, Europe, and even the world.

Las Canteras beach

Works included the demolition of an old car park that used to eat into part of the beach. In its place now stands a new walkway measuring 110 metres in length and 10 metres in width, which connects Pizarro St. With California St. A new square has also been constructed with terracing that faces the sandy area opposite the sports facilities at La Cícer.

Las Canteras

This initiative is yet another demonstration of how Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is striving to become even more accessible and attractive for its visitors and for its residents in general. Further proof of this is another project, which has already been approved, to create a walkway, entitled the ‘Atlantic Wave’ which will link up the harbour areas with the Port Market, the areas surrounding Las Canteras beach itself and the popular district of La Isleta.

Las Canteras beach

Every day Las Canteras beach displays its fine array of blue and golden tones, where men, women and children are free to stroll around, dive, surf, and simply live their lives, here on the beach which is always different, even though it may always look the same.