Arguineguín: legendary seas

Arguineguín, in Gran Canaria, is ideal for anybody to star in an unforgettable story.

Legend has it among fishermen that near to Arguineguín, in the south of Gran Canaria, there is a tuna sanctuary. What is sure is that the migratory route map of these oceanic athletes includes a line through this sunny spot with its pleasant waters.

Las Marañuelas, Arguineguín

Fishing is an essential part of the town’s identity and for this reason the busy comings and goings around the fishing port is naturally fused with the sense of calm of those who simply come down for a day on the beach and coastline. The other migratory group to have settled here is the largest Norwegian community in the Canaries. In this case it wasn’t fish they were after, but one of the best appreciated goods to exist, namely the sun.

Ah, the sun… this star always acts as master of ceremonies and is the true monarch at these legendary seas. On dry land, meanwhile, choices of what to do depend on the time of day and what each of us fancies doing: diving into the Atlantic, contemplating the fish with a snorkel and goggles, going for a drink at one of many different terrace bars, and emptying our minds as we look out over the blue sheet of the ocean and even bump into an old sea wolf and ask him if there is any truth to the mysterious tuna sanctuary.

Las Marañuelas, Arguineguín

Arguineguín breathes a warm and comforting air which relaxes us in an natural way, especially when in contact with its crystal clear waters.

One of the most peculiar yet attractive traits to Arguineguín is that it is both a local village and tourist hotspot at the same time. There are few places where we can have a day out on the beach while watching the comings and goings of fishing boats, commended of course to the Virgin of El Carmen, whose figure is housed at the small hermitage there. The unloading of fish around the back of the harbour also casts a spectacle of glinting colours where silver and gold are blended together, depending on the catch of the day.

Las Marañuelas, Arguineguín, Mogán

Actually every one of us can build their own personal legend in Arguineguín. Some of these stories give rise to the finest fresh fish you will have ever tasted in a place unlike any other on the planet. Others will tell how they first discovered the moving treasures on the seabed or will recall the endless hours of sunshine they enjoyed. The youngsters will have counted all the sand castles they will have built, the number of crabs they saw scrambling over the rocks, all the boats, how many of which were white and others that were blue, and how they all left their trail in these prodigious waters.

Arguineguín has its own mirror. In it you can see yourselves and the sky above. The natural pool of la Lajilla is a transparent epilogue to this legendary tale which is written every single day at Arguineguín Beach.

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