Gran Canaria, come and look at me

Gran Canaria extends its viewpoints network > to enable visitors to get a closer look at the summit and coastal landscapes.

Can you hear that? It is the deep voice of Gran Canaria. “Come and look at me”, it booms. This year, the island is increasing its network of viewpoints to provide more views over the coast and the summit. A total of fourteen new viewpoints will be created for visitors to stop off at during their walks, and let them look all over the island’s fine landscapes. Two existing viewpoints are also to be refurbished.

"Caldera de Bandama"
"Faro de Sardina del Norte", in Gáldar

These new watch towers will provide long lasting memories and the most stunning panoramic views over Gran Canaria, and will be spread out over the coastlines and mountains. The first stage, according to plans set out by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, will include viewpoints at Punta de la Mareta (La Garita, Telde), Faro de Sardina (Gáldar), El Burrero (Ingenio) and Playa de Malpaso, in Jinámar.

"El Balcón" Viewpoint

One of the highlights of this project is the inclusion of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria within this most modern of viewpoint networks. At one point, from the neighbourhood of Las Coloradas, an enclave nestling between volcanoes, we will be able to look out over the Natural Reserve of El Confital, a wild and unspoilt stronghold next to the vibrant capital city, that has been worn away by the wind and waves over its ancient lava rocks.

With the views of a kestrel, the small falcon that watches over the skies of Gran Canaria, we are treated to views over the district of La Isleta, whose narrow streets and locals are the legacy of the port and seafaring history of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. From these heights the whole city can be seen from end to end, straddled on either side of an extensive isthmus, with Las Canteras beach on the one side and the Port of La Luz y de Las Palmas on the other.

"La Luz y Las Palmas" Port and Las Canteras Beach, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

But if we wish to talk about really high up places, we should head for the summit of Gran Canaria, where other new viewpoints will be established, namely at the municipalities of Tejeda, Artenara and Agaete, specifically at Cruz de Tejeda, la Degollada del Humo, Los Llanos de la Mimbre, Los Ajos, Mogaranes, the Reservoir of las Niñas and Las Cañaditas. From these spots it will be possible to make out the main emblematic landmarks around the mountainous island, including Roque Nublo, Roque Bentayga, the pine groves of Tamadaba and Gáldar, and Roque Faneque, among other places.

View from Tamadaba, Gran Canaria

They provide truly grand visions that will gladden the soul, and invite you to breathe in and melt into the surroundings. We are looking outwards, while also looking deep inside ourselves. We feel like tiny specks yet suddenly enormous at the same time. The countryside changes with each passing hour, even by the minute, depending on the light that is shed on it and the eyes looking at it. Come and look out over Gran Canaria and discover your own landscape.