La Garita beach, moon-like and earth-like

The urban and the wild fuse together naturally at La Garita beach in Gran Canaria, and in its surrounding environment.

The stunning shorelines around Gran Canaria reveal themselves in different guises. Sometimes they can be decked out in a black suit, as is the case of the cosy little volcanic beach at Garita, on the Telde coastline, close to both Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and to the south of the island. A burning volcanic spirit, which led to the formation of this Atlantic territory, is clearly apparent around here. La Garita is another of the gifts of nature that this spectacular geological formation provided for the future.

La Garita beach

La Garita is one of those places where time seems to have ground to a halt, and settled down lazily with us. It gives us the feeling that we have entered another dimension, one in which our feet and hands are caressed by the black velvety texture of the fine sand of the beach. La Garita welcomes us with its ancient basalt rocky arms wide open, sheltering us from from strong winds and inviting us to put aside our watches and throw time out to the tide.

La Garita beach is a great option for those looking for crystal clear waters that are well away from the madding crowds, with toilets, showers, restaurants, shops and other facilities nearby. All this and more can be found here at this colourful location which rises bright and proudly opposite the Atlantic. In La Garita, the wild and the urban sit side by side and live harmoniously together, both respecting eachother’s space.

La Garita beach

Nearby, meanwhile, there are places where the wildest and most beautiful side to Telde’s coast makes its voice well and truly heard. It does this literally at a place called El Bufadero, a stunning geological inter-tide formation of wells located on the promenade that meanders its way southwards, and which needs to be approached with extreme caution. Here, a volcanic hollow tube allows sea water to flow through it in a hypnotic swaying fashion, filling and emptying continually. El Bufadero literally is a time swallower. On occasions, the ocean’s impulses cause a whistling sound that emanates from the interior of the cracked stone. The end result is a shrieking choir of air and sea.

The hidden side to this moon-like shoreline offers landscapes that combine jade and turquoise tints of the water, and the deep, intense black of the ancient lava rock, which spread out like the petrified remains of an old mythological animal. Here we can step on the moon’s surface without leaving the Earth.

La Garita beach

Uniquely stunning coves open up along the northwest coast where the winds provide the perfect setting for surfing and kitesurfing fun. The coves around here receive the generic name of beaches of San Borondón, as in the imaginary and legendary island on the Canarian archipielago whose actual existence has never been confirmed. Quite the opposite of what occurs at La Garita and its magical surrounding area. You just need to come along and see for yourself how in Gran Canaria reality and dreams are two sides to the same coin.