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Gran Canaria, setting a course for the future in 2020

Gran Canaria is setting sail for 2020 with an offer that matches quantity with amazing quality.

Imagine a boat, the name Gran Canaria is painted on the hull. Close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face. This breeze makes the seagulls sway on the horizon and is gently blowing in the new year. This breeze also brings the winter migration birds, seeking the island’s warm embrace year after year. They appear and disappear as if by magic, although they always leave an invisible feeling of hope behind them.

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@jorge: Parece que lo hemos vivido todo, pero llegará el día que partamos sin llegar a ver y contemplar todos los rincones maravillosos de la isla...[+]
@Delia: Hace mucho tiempo que no voy a esta playa, es preciosa, pequeña, acogedora,... se hacían unas sardinas asadas riquísimas al anochecer. No...[+]

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