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A road born in the sea

There is a road that begins almost at the bottom of the ocean.
It is not a well-known road. Many would like it to continue that way. 

But let's talk about the long path that crosses Gran Canaria
from Maspalomas in the south,
to Santiago de los Caballeros, in Gáldar,
in the north of the interwoven island.

An island that is strangely interwoven by real roads,
tracks, streets and paths,
created before any map was ever drawn.
An island of walkers, where you can walk and breathe without ever leaving the sea too far behind.
Below an ocean of mountains, squeezed together between volcanoes and ravines.   

And in the middle, among a thousand paths, one very special path,
that begins almost at the foot of the beach, hidden away by the good weather,
that crosses forests, volcanoes and centuries-old villages,
that allows you to glimpse traditions that forged ancient times.

On a piece of mountainous land that floats in the Atlantic.
On an island full of paths. 
The pilgrims seem to leap from the depths of the sea,
before beginning the path.

Let us guide you.

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