Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Why is Gran Canaria a perfect place to learn how to surf?

Surfing courses in Gran Canaria offer up a sea of advantages.

1) The island has one of the best spots in the country for learning how to surf, namely the area called La Cícer, in Las Canteras. Moreover, Las Canteras beach is blessed with areas that are made to measure for learning paddle surf. And finally, the island’s capital has yet another perfect beach for this type of sport: Alcaravaneras beach, right in the heart of the city.

A group of youngsters do stretching exercises on the edge of the beach
Several girl surfers follow their monitor’s instructions while catching waves

2) Such a wide variety of places, plus the sheer number of spots to try out surfing, is the second advantage the island boasts. Pupils at the schools can familiarize themselves with marine sports at many different points around Gran Canaria, as the currents, tides and settings are all so varied.

3) Gran Canaria’s superb climate is another advantage for surfing. Fine weather is the norm on this island, together with a large handful of beaches offering highly secure surfing conditions. Gran Canaria is therefore a gigantic open air gymnasium, allowing for the sport to be enjoyed throughout the year.

A girl walks along Las Canteras beach with her surf board

4) The ever-growing choice of Surf Schools all around the island. Surf courses are constantly being improved year on year, with more services added, for all type of surfers, for all ages and also for groups. Thanks to these schools a huge number of youngsters are becoming expertly trained with regard to the sea and the environment. All this is thanks to the surfing culture, along with the schools that provide an unforgettable experience on Gran Canaria for all those who are keen to learn.

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