Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria is an island of many flavours.
Let’s take a culinary tour together.

Enjoy our culinary arts and the creativity of our chefs, who manage to turn our products into experiences with a flavour all their own.
Gran Canaria is a real mixture of flavours and culture that satisfies even the most demanding palates.

Let’s take a culinary tour!

Island Mix

Our chef’s creative hands interweave high-quality produce from Gran Canaria to serve up delicious dishes. Enjoy our culinary tradition and discover the secret of our Island Mix.

Gran Canaria

Awaken all your senses as you appreciate the influence of the ocean here, where the sound of the waves and the island’s pure energy will follow you on whichever culinary route you pick.
Our culinary experience focuses on the wide variety of products and stand-out flavours which shine through in how our dishes are made and their originality.

21 ingredients

These are the ingredients hiding the secrets of Gran Canaria’s great flavours.
Our chefs pay homage to the island’s ancestral foods, turning them into real culinary treasures to the delight of their diners.

The Wine Route

Discover the nuances of our reds and whites, following wine-tourism routes brimming with colour, flavour and nature.
The characteristic notes of wood and volcanic soil seep into our wines to give them unique character.

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Gran Canaria’s surf and turf products are authentic, healthy, tasty and sustainable. Its location in the Atlantic, plus its mild climate, provides visitors with a wide variety of authentic, local and traditional products.
Gran Canaria’s local produce has its own seal, based on quality and the variety of authentic and traditional products.
Get ready to smell, touch and taste our local products on an Island of Flavours.

Gran Canaria