Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria


Amadores, the quiet beach.

Are you a stock broker? Then coming on holidays to Amadores, in southern Gran Canaria, is perhaps not the best choice for you. You may fall victim to everlasting tranquillity, a kind of tranquillity that overcomes those who come to holiday on Amadores Beach, in southern Gran Canaria. Experts know it as the “big repose syndrome”.

View of the beach at Amadores

There are stock traders who after spending their holidays here never closed a single deal ever again. They were scarred by the effects of the big repose syndrome that gets many of those who spend their summer on Amadores Beach.

Are you a hurdle runner? Then perhaps you should not come and spend your holidays in Amadores either. You will be struck with the “do not rush me” syndrome. You will start to only wish to spend your days under the sun, and swim in the gentle sea that ripples up to the shores of Amadores Beach.

Two children smile happily while playing on the beach
Two children smile happily while playing on the beach

There were hurdle runners who never ran a single decent race ever again. Their frame of mind was changed. They decided to jump over the hurdles in slow motion, without haste. Once back home, they could only think of swimming peacefully, of sunbathing, of diving, of having lunch, dinner, and even tea by the sea, without worrying too much, without rushing around. Such is the effect of holidays in Amadores.

So think twice. The world is in so much haste everywhere else… in fact, as soon as you hit the curve and leave this quiet beach behind.

View at dusk of the beach at Amadores