Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria
It takes two to travel

It takes two to travel

Two on the road (with beach gear)

According to the World Federation of Optimists, Gran Canaria is highly recommendable as a place to go with your partner, for a whole number of reasons, some of which we detail below. The sea around the island and the waves crashing on the beaches create a magnetic effect which makes opposite poles attract (or attract again if the first effect has worn off).

The blue skies reduce the possibilities of arguments, even making them disappear: scientifically proven. This is because a warm current of good humour flows into the island via the ocean, filtering into the buildings and houses and suddenly presenting everything and everyone in a better light.

The good weather on the island also loosens the tongue of that silent man who accompanies you as if he were a lonesome cowboy in the Great Wild West. People have been known to get up on the dance floor for the first time here and truly let their hair down proving that Saturday Night Fever is permanently contagious on the island.

The heady cocktail of beaches of all shapes and sizes around the island of Gran Canaria guarantees intoxicating days of happy holidays, whereas the more sober hinterland mountains and villages tucked away in the folds of the gullies offer peaceful strolls, suspended in time, and places to be together alone, the memories of which will constantly warm your hearts on colder days back home.

And if you’re hyperactive and out for thrills, then this island is made to measure for all kinds of sports and excitement to get your adrenalin pumped up: rock climbing, surfing, kite-surfing, hiking, scuba diving, mountain-biking, wind-surfing and a whole lot more on a list as long as the horizon.

A couple observing the dam at La Sorrueda in the hinterland of Gran Canaria
A couple on their bikes in the hinterland of Gran Canaria

So there you have just a few of the reasons for which the World Optimist Federation recommends holidays for couples here. There are more, of course, but find them out for yourselves being happy together on the sunny island of Gran Canaria.

Sea trips at the south of the island

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