Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria


A key to the secrets of the small great continent

Mountain and trekking lovers take advantage of the lightest excuse to return to Gran Canaria. You can blame it on the island, a very uncommon spot with a million different sceneries waiting to be discovered.

Two trekkers rest at the foot of Nublo Rock
Two boys inspect a map of Gran Canaria
Couple walking hand in hand in Tamadaba

For Gran Canaria is not just an island filled with beaches, but rather a miniature continent with fine weather practically all year round. A small-scale continent in the middle of the sea, with a special blend of ingredients that lures trekkers. 

Its intricate relief is the first of such ingredients; followed by a peculiar mix of palm-tree groves and pine forests, ravines, and royal paths that wind through the mountains, yielding a huge jigsaw puzzle of different sceneries, so different from each other as the types of yoghurt at a supermarket.

And then there is also the Resistance.

Moya linden forest
Aerial view of the Maspalomas dunes
Sorrueda dam

The Resistance is made up of a group of islanders who refuse to give up the way of living of their forebears, people who never knew haste or hurry. 

They are the ones who shape the extraordinary and hospitable human scenery that opens up to those trekkers who choose to dive into the island. They live on hidden corners that pop up at a turn, in small towns and villages, refusing to carry a watch or alter their lifestyle. And it makes perfect sense. Why be in a hurry on such an island? Better to enjoy a place where nature is friendly and makes life simple.

After all, that is the only secret. Come walk the island. Come see it. There is a miniature continent waiting for you where you may rest big time.

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