Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria


Meloneras, the beach where time stands still

This happens to most people here. Having just arrived at Meloneras it dawns on you that the clocks practically grind to a halt. The only ones to measure time are those of the joggers who fly by along the Promenade. Sportsmen are the only ones concerned with minutes or hours, as they count down the time as they make their way along the long avenue which starts out in the Faro de Maspalomas.

[] Dos jóvenes charlan animadamente por el paseo de Meloneras
[] Jóvenes charlan animadamente por el paseo de Meloneras

Dodging in and out of the music on the terrace bars, past the spas and restaurants next to the ocean, they run along the winding maritime promenade that follows the coastline up to the last bend, where out of the blue the Meloneras beach comes into view. This little beach which is found at the end of the walkway bathed in great weather, ready for a lazy, lazy, but very lazy, stroll.

[] Meloneras

You too can follow this lovely coastal walk until you arrive at Meloneras, “the beach where time stands still.”A peaceful beach. A place that has to ability to banish stress to the land “where things are put in perspective”.

And it is perhaps this feeling of optimism that moves people from all walks of life down there. From golfers who set out every day intent on doing their best 18 holes, on the course sitting right on the edge of the beach. Or small sailing boats returning to port near to Pasito Blanco, drawn in like magnets by the great climate.

View over the Meloneras Golf Course

Then there are couples reunited by a most particular sunset, which  resides here in this part of Gran Canaria, and which ought to be bottled  and sent as a vitamin supplement to chemists around the world.

You will also see families from the north of the island who come down to treat themselves to a lazy post lunch overlooking the sea, having had seafood paella that spring out of kitchen restaurants. 

A girl cycling along the seafront parade at Meloneras
A couple chatting with the Lighthouse at Maspalomas in the background

So there are people from all walks of life, but all with one thing in  common. They take a vow not to forget that tomorrow the sun will be out  once more (well, at least in Meloneras, it almost certainly will be).