Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

There are a thousand questions that are still unanswered about the Aboriginal society that used to inhabit the Canary Islands. They are a vague enigma from a bygone era, prior to the arrival of the Europeans, at a time when Gran Canaria seemed to teeter on the edge of the world.

Sunset over Gran Canaria’s interior

Studies carried out on the islands’ pre-historic period have unravelled a host of open-ended questions concerning its first inhabitants. The efforts put in by experts, public institutions along with new techniques have opened up a decisive new era, in which archaeology has managed to lift the mysterious halo that has hung over aboriginal culture.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria Island Government, through its Culture and Historical Heritage Service, is forging ahead with its programme of recuperation and revaluation of this whole legacy, via the island’s Network of Archaeological Sites, thus providing a bridge back to Gran Canaria’s distant past.