Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

San Agustín

The Quiet (and Sunny) Winters Club

There’s no need to pass a complicated selection process to join the Quiet Winters Club, and no recommendation from a full member required. You just need to head straight to the south of Gran Canaria. Suddenly, around a bend, the shining silhouette of San Agustín’s hotels will appear, and the gentle sun residing on the beach there will stamp your member’s card. As you go.

View of San Agustín

This club has lots of members who return year after year. Sometimes in January, sometimes in September. The reasons? Surely they come to enjoy the peace and quiet of San Agustín, with the pleasant weather it enjoys practically all year round. And the leisurely days spent on the beach, including the protected family beach. 

Of course, there are many places in Gran Canaria where you can find buzz, jetskis, hyperactive surfers riding the waves, music from bar to bar, and beaches brimming with people having fun.

A woman strolling along the beach
A couple strolling along the beach

But club members seek other things in San Agustín. They make a point of putting a stop to it all for a few days. To rest, stroll, do away with their worries in the area’s giant talassotherapy facilities, or simply sunbathe between dips in the sea.

How strange human beings can be! There are quite a few like that. Vanishing for some odd reasons several days a year just to pamper themselves. No rush, no schedules, no work-related thoughts, no clocks. Sometimes they even refuse to carry a name.

View of San Agustín at twilight

All these weird members of the Quiet Winters (and Summers) Club are determined to keep their members cards active forever, passing them down from generation to generation. And so it will be forever and ever, as long as the world carries on in such a rush outside San Agustín.