Gran Canaria


The island for the grandchildren

An island for each and every one of us

A sustainable island where people come first, and where their stories matter. An island for future generations to come to

The Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve: a whole host of opportunities

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Reserva de la Biosfera - Pilar Pérez
Güigüi Guguy - Francisco González

Francisco González: "Guguy is a paradise that everyone aspires to come to at least once"

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The Foresta Foundation: 25 years committed to ecological sustainability

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Foresta - Sergio Armas
Feria Km.0 Gran Canaria

The Gran Canaria Km.0 Fair: a celebration of local identity

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A commitment that keeps growing

Other sustainable initiatives here

Rafa Molina (EtnoExperience Canarias): «I see myself as an artisan of tourism»

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EtnoExperience Canarias - Rafael Molina
Hotel Rural Las Longueras - Lourdes Pérez

Hotel Rural Las Longueras: luxury at the heart of nature

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Restaurante Casa Romántica: a tribute to Gran Canaria

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Restaurante Casa Romántica - Víctor Lugo
Spirit of the sea - Javier Zaera

Spirit of the Sea: a voyage around the marine world

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Gran Canaria